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The wonders of Moroccan cuisine; food, specialties and eating habits - – with recipes! Part 1

The wonders of Moroccan cuisine
Part 1

 Morocco food, specialties and eating habits

The Key Ingredients of Moroccan Cuisine:
Before all is said and done let me set one thing straight:  although Morocco is a Muslim land and as such it shares a great deal of its culinary culture with its fellow Islamic countries, Moroccan cuisine is just as different from the so-called “Arabic Cuisine”. There are multiple reasons for this: the key one being the diversity of Morocco’s population which consists not only of Arabs but of different so-called Berber and Bedouin tribes. These nations all have their own cooking and eating habits and this altogether creates a very unique blend which is today’s Moroccan cuisine.
Let me set another thing straight: I am not here to enlist all the food you can get in Morocco. It would be a very long and useless list. My aim is more of an introduction to the key ingredients, to let you guys know what people do eat in general and some suggestions on what to try most …

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